It is legal in Australia to invest some of your funds of your super in cryptocurrency. We can help you set up your SMSF and invest in crypto. Another benefit of VIP membership and Training Booking  is that we can help you to record all transactions to make it easy to prepare for your annual tax return. We will make it easy to set up, trade and store cryptocurrency as part of your SMSF Trustee obligations.

SMSF Cryptocurrency Trading

  • You can include crypto currency as part of your SMSF investment.
  • I use “Esuperfund” to set up and manage my SMSF.
  • Record keeping is very important here. Keep a paper (book) and an excel record as shown below of all trade transaction on the day that is takes place.
Do You Need help in investing Bitcoin & Other Cryptocurrencies With Your Self-Managed Super-Fund (SMSF)
We have all the information here for you. We use BTCmarkets, which is Australia’s largest and most trusted digital asset exchange. BTC Markets SMSF offers a designated SMSF account and Tax Reports for Preparing your SMSF tax return.
SMSF Crypto Investing:
Investing in Cryptocurrencies using your Self-Managed Super Fund
We can help you set up a SMSF account to trade and invest and cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP and other digital assets. We will assist in preparing for Tax Reporting and annual audit preparation.
A-How to setup a SMSF account WITH ESUPEFUND (4-6 WEEKS)
B-How to setup a SMSF account FOR CRYPTO TRADING (2WEEKS)
1.) Sign Up to BTC Markets:
All members need a verified personal BTC Markets account. Then sign up for an SMSF account.
2.) Complete your profile:
After you have signed up to BTC Markets and verified your email address you will need to complete your profile to proceed to the next verification step. Under the profile page fill out all the required details and select “Self-Managed Super Fund” as the customer type.
3.)Verify your SMSF account:
You must supply:

  • A copy of your SMSF trust deed,
  • Or a corporate trustee for your SMSF, with the most recent ASIC company statement or extract.
  • All SMSF member/beneficiaries must have a KYCed BTC Markets account.

4.) Begin trading with your SMSF account:
Once verified, and your SMSF account and you have been successfully set up, you can start trading.

STEPS In Setting up an Account in your SMSF

The ATO has tax information about using your SMSF to purchase crypto: