Distributed database. Everyone can add to the database(ledger). No changes are allowed. Blockchain is a successfully tested solution for resilient verified data. It will fundamentally change how we protect and use information.

 Blockchain which cryptocurrency runs on will change the internet. It uses a decentralized system, a peer-to-peer network of digital ledgers (nodes) to verify that new information is validated before it is added to the shared ledger book. New transactions must be validated by the network. Every block in the chain carries a unique identifying code. When a new block is added, it cannot be changed. Blockchain allow for global transactions without intermediaries such as banks and payment providers.


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  • Provide Tamper Proof record
  • Transparent
  • Decentralisation
  • Smart Contracts


  • Global reach
  • trust in the system.



If you want to trade cryptocurrency you need:

  1. A cryptocurrency wallet. For example, Exodus or Guarda Wallet, Trezor or Keepkey.
  2. A cryptocurrency exchange.Trading Cryptocurrency is very volatile.   

Tutorial on How to Trade Crypto for Beginners:

  • Best Cryptocurrency Trading Tip Ever: https://youtu.be/0OMOZbYFCEg
  • Trading Cryptocurrencies for Beginners: https://youtu.be/RQtvpNYtLfw
  • How to Trade Bitcoin Cryptocurrency for Beginners: https://youtu.be/M-qYym-i1_8.
    How to buy cryptocurrency?  Once you’ve decided to buy bitcoin. You must find an online exchange, where you would then need to register, create an account and upload 100 points. Once verified you can deposit funds to your account. Move your bitcoins move to a software wallet like Exodus. For extra security use an offline hardware wallet like the Ledger Nano, Keep-key or Trezor.

Guide: How to buy Cryptocurrency
1. Register for an account with an exchange.
2. Enable 2-factor authentication.
3. Verify your account.
4. Click “Deposit AUD”.
5. Transfer funds into your account.
6. Click “Buy/Sell” at the top of the screen.
7. “Buy crypos”.


Video Tutorial: How to open a Coinspot (Australian) BTC Account

Go to CoinSpot’s website- https://www.coinspot.com.au/?affiliate=WBMW9

1.Register for an account AT www.CoinSpot….
2.Enable 2-factor authentication. DOWNLOAD ONTO YOUR PHONE- 2FA AT APSTORE.
3.Verify your account.
4. Click “Deposit AUD”.
5.Transfer funds BY BYPAY into your account.
6.Click “Buy/Sell” at top of screen.
7.Search for CRYPTO OF YOUR CHOICE and click on “Buy EOS”.
8.Enter the amount of EOS/BTC/ETC you want to buy or the amount of AUD you want to spend.
9.Review transaction details.
10.Click “Buy EOS”.

Binance Tutorial: How to Create A BTC Binance Account:

How to set up 2FA Youtube video:


https://cryptocurrencyfacts.com/how-to-trade-cryptocurrency-for-beginners/        https://cdn2.hubspot.net/hubfs/407546/8_Ways_Charities_are_Cashing_in_on_Cryptocurrencies.pdf.